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–         Biotherapy General:

BTER Foundation: link>


–         Maggot debridement therapy

Medicinal Maggots – USA  link> 

BioMonde – Germany link>

Japan Maggot Company link>

MedMagLabs : link>

Westmead Hospital – Department of Medical Entomology – Australia  link>


–         Hirudotherapy

Hirudotherapy – The Healing Art link>

Academy of Hirudotherapy link>


 –         Apitherapy

American Apitherapy Society link>

Apitherapy.Com link>

Apimondia link>

Israel Apitherapy Center link>

International Federation of Apitherapy link>

German Apitherapy Association link>

Turkish Association of Apitherapy link>

Apiceutical Research Center link>

Fang Zhu Apitherapy Academy, China link>

Felapi: Federacion Latinoamericana de Apiterapia link>


 –         Ichthyotherapy

Doctor Fish link>

Wikipedia link>


 –        Helminthotherapy

HealthLine – Helminthic therapy link>

Wormswell – Helminthic therapy link>

AutoimmuneTherapies – Helminthic therapy link>

An introduction to helminthic therapy link>

Books on Biotherapy (in chronological order):

A Complete Guide to Maggot Therapy. Clinical Practice, Therapeutic Principles, Production, Distribution, and Ethics. 2022. Frank Stadler (editor). OpenBook Publishers. link >> Clinical Hirudotherapy: Practical Guide: Book 1. General Hirudotherapy. Moscow, 2018...

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